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Carbon Steel Roaster with Rack

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Merten & Storck has engineered cookware with exacting precision since 1873. The Carbon collection is made of black carbon steel, a versatile, dynamic material that heats ultra-fast, is half the weight of cast iron, and is just as durable. Pre-seasoned to get you started right away, Carbon develops a naturally nonstick patina layer over time that makes it ideal for frying fish, crafting omelets, and getting a perfect sear without a messy cleanup.

This versatile roaster delivers family-sized meals with ease. Perfect for searing on the grill or roasting in the oven, this spacious roaster fits a whole turkey or chicken. The stainless steel roasting rack is dishwasher safe and lets air circulate to promote even heating while lifting food out of liquids in the pan. The lightweight design makes it perfect for camping and outdoor cooking. Carbon performs on all heat surfaces and can stand up to direct heat and grill cooking. Hand wash only.

Product Features

Room for Everything
Amazing for searing on the grill or roasting in the oven, this spacious roaster fits a whole turkey or chicken
Stainless Steel Roasting Rack
This rack lifts food out of liquids in the pan and promotes air circulation
Ships with a protective silicone coating, just wash and start cooking
Nonstick Over Time
The more you use it, the more the better the nonstick patina will get
Heats Quickly & Evenly
Lightweight and quick heating carbon steel delivers cast iron performance without the weight or the wait
Comfortable Stainless Steel Handle
The riveted stainless steel handle offers total control for easy stovetop-to-oven transfers
Metal Utensil Safe
Carbon was built for modern kitchens, so it’s ultra-tough and endlessly durable
Safe for Outdoor Cooking
Made to stand up to the toughest conditions, this pan is even safe for grills and open flame cooking
Oven Safe Up to 660°F
And suitable for all stovetops including induction and safe for outdoor cooking
Easy to Clean
The nonstick patina makes it easy to wipe away messes. Hand wash only