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Our History

Perfected Over Time

Merten & Storck has crafted gorgeous tools for discerning home cooks since 1873. Our legacy is defined by our dedication to unrivaled craftsmanship and unparalleled performance.

Come home to a better kitchen with Merten & Storck.

Crafted for Cooks

Handmade in Germany

Much of our cookware is still handcrafted in Drensteinfurt,
Germany using custom tooling we’ve designed and made ourselves. We’re dedicated to classic techniques and timeless materials because they’ve delivered incredible products for meticulous home cooks for over 150 years.

Our enamel recipes are a company secret, and each color has its own unique formula.

Intelligent Design

Enjoy Every Meal

Our enameled iron uses the same raw material as cast iron and transforms it through a unique production process. Our cookware is pressed instead of cast, which makes it lighter, more durable, and more chip-resistant.

We’re dedicated to creating incredible products for
meticulous home cooks.