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A Cook’s Best Friend

Stainless Steel

Recognized throughout the culinary world as the pinnacle of performance, 3-ply stainless steel offers the best and most versatile cooking experience. Stainless steel distributes heat evenly for uniform browning, which is why it’s a must in pro kitchens.  

From simple stovetop-to-oven transfers to delicious pan sauces, stainless steel makes high-level cooking easier. 

A Kitchen Standby

Lasting Performance

Virtually indestructible, with proper care Steel will last a lifetime. These pots and pans have no coating that will wear off, no enamel to protect, and requires no special care aside from cleaning regularly.  

No matter what you make, stainless steel cookware will deliver remarkable results worthy of pro kitchens. Build a better kitchen with Steel. 

Made for Serious Cooking

Attention to Detail

Our cookware is made for cooks, so we’ve considered every aspect of this collection to deliver the best performance possible. The edges of each piece are rounded and encapsulated, which makes it simple to get clean pours, easy transfers, and drip-free draining.

The stainless steel handles are welded to prevent food traps, providing a clean, snag-free interior. This is especially important in stainless steel cookware because there’s no nonstick coating to minimize sticking. 

Steel + Aluminum

Two Metals, Three Layers

Our stainless steel cookware features three layers, but not all of them are steel. Why? Steel is tough and durable, but it doesn’t conduct heat well. But aluminum does. That’s why most stainless steel cookware contains an aluminum core. 

Our fully clad collection features two stainless steel layers surrounding an aluminum core to bring out the best of both metals and deliver responsive performance with unbelievable power. Plus, our pans have aluminum extending up the sides of each pot and pan. This prevents hot spots and promote quick, even cooking. 

Two layers of stainless steel with an aluminum core
For easy pan-to-plate transfers
Get a good look at your meal in progress
Welded to create a snag-free surface