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How to Care for Your Cookware

We’re honored you’ve invited us into your kitchen. We’ve has been a part of meals throughout the world, but just like our homes sometimes need a little TLC, so does your cookware. Here’s how to get the most out of your Merten & Storck.

Carbon Steel

From chefs in starred kitchens to ready-to-eat street food, carbon steel is a staple of global food culture. Here’s how to keep your carbon steel pans in top shape.
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Enameled Iron

Designed to last for decades, our enameled iron is lighter and tougher than cast iron. We’ve put together some quick tips on how to keep it performing like new.
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Stainless Steel

3-ply stainless steel offers one of the best and most versatile cooking experiences, so it makes sense to keep them in top shape. Here’s how.
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Steel Core Enameled

Our steel core enameled cookware is made for years of kitchen perfection. We’ve put together some easy ways to keep them in peak form.
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