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Rethink Heirloom

We take our time to perfect everything we do, and we have since 1873. We’re dedicated to craftsmanship and to making your time in the kitchen the best it can be.

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Handcrafted in Germany

1873 Dutch Oven

Stronger than cast iron and 30% lighter, our iconic Dutch ovens are shaped by the German engineering tradition to deliver unrivaled craftsmanship and unparalleled performance.

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A Cook’s Best Friend


Our 3-ply stainless steel offers the same cooking experience found in pro-level kitchens for incredible results and stovetop responsiveness.

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Powerfully Designed

Carbon Steel

Pre-seasoned to get you started right away, our black carbon steel pans develop a naturally nonstick patina layer to make powerful cooking simple.

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Thoughtful Details

Enameled Iron

Our base material is tougher than cast iron. We don’t need all the extra weight.
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Our History

We solve kitchen problems with unrivaled craftsmanship, and we have since 1873.
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