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Internationally Loved

Carbon Steel

Reexperience your first-love foods and explore the world with relentless culinary discovery—this back-to-basics material uses authentic materials for jet-set flavor.

Carbon steel isn’t only the top choice of professional kitchens throughout the world, it’s also the choice of traditional home cooks. From grandma’s wok to the family paella recipe, nearly every culture uses carbon steel for its durability and effortless function.

Professional Quality

Made for Flavor

Described by Cook’s Illustrated as “The Chef’s Secret Weapon,” carbon steel is a mainstay of professional kitchens. From the crêpe pans at your local brasserie to the classic woks used for 2,000 years in traditional Asian cuisine—carbon steel brings cuisine to your restaurant table. And if it can serve hundreds daily, it can stand up to the demands of your home kitchen. 

Tough and lightweight, our carbon steel pans are perfect for cooks who want authentic, no-nonsense cooking. Over time this pan develops a naturally nonstick patina layer that makes frying delicate fish, crafting an omelette, or getting a perfect sear on pork chops effortless. 

Black Carbon Steel

Tougher Than Tradition

Our carbon steel pans are crafted from hot-rolled black carbon steel, which is stronger and more durable than grey carbon steel. The heavy-duty construction means it not only conducts heat well, but also is extremely durable and long lasting.  

Safe for metal utensils and extreme temperatures, this highly durable material is 3 times denser than aluminum, more durable and better for long-term use. 

Just Wash & Start Cooking


Our state-of-the-art production process creates a unique layer that helps protect our carbon steel pans from rust and damage. Our Carbon collection has a layer of oxidized iron on the outer surface that’s created by the high temperatures of the process and acts as a barrier to protect the pan from natural damage.

Designed to develop a natural patina layer, this is a nonstick pan that gets better with age. Like cast iron, the smooth surface is naturally coated over time with oils from your meals, creating a coating with no added chemicals.

Just wash and start cooking
Develops a nonstick patina over time
Precision engineered for incredible performance
Inside, outside, or put it on the grill—Carbon goes wherever you need it
Metal utensil safe