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Powerful Color

Steel Core Enameled

Discover cookware built for daily life—vibrant color meets peak performance in this handcrafted and hand-finished collection.

We’ve wrapped powerful steel in our gorgeous GlazeGuard enamel to deliver extraordinary cookware worthy of any kitchen that creates astonishing meals again and again.

Tough & Powerful

All Its Core

The gorgeous exterior hides a powerful secret—our unique steel core. We developed our core through generations of testing, analysis, and experimentation.

Our high-grade materials ensure our each of these pans heats quickly and evenly, distributing heat as efficiently as possible. That means you get serious control over your food.

Heats Quickly & Evenly

Handcrafted in Germany

Each of these pots and pans is finished by hand. Each is 30% lighter than cast iron, and just as durable. We don’t need added weight, and neither does your food.

Our attention to detail makes this collection perfect for everything from searing proteins, sautéing veggies, and crafting slow-cooking stews. Responsive is always better than heavy.

GlazeGuard Enamal

Come Home to Color

Made of premium materials, our gorgeous enamel is fused to the base material, creating a bond that’s more chip-resistant than enameled cast iron.

This nonporous surface is nonreactive and scratch-resistant. Each stunning color recipe is a company secret, and each is made in small batches by a dedicated enamel master, as it’s been done for generations.

Powerful Steel Core
Stronger than enameled cast iron and 30% lighter

Heats Quickly & Evenly
Makes it easy to get cooking faster

Sophisticated GlazeGuard Enamel
Made of premium materials and less prone to chipping than enameled cast iron

Mess-Free Rims
Sleek stainless steel rims for easy pan-to-plate transfers

Glass Lids
A durable glass lid lets you keep an eye on your meal

Stainless Steel Handles
Reverse riveted to create a snag-free surface