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Care & Use

Stainless Steel

Recognized throughout the culinary world as the pinnacle of performance, 3-ply stainless steel offers one of the best and most versatile cooking experiences. Though they’re designed to last a lifetime, stainless steel pots and pans need a little care to maintain peak performance.

Here’s how to keep your stainless steel pots and pans in top shape.

Stainless Steel Cooking Tips

Start Cooking

Preheat your pans, especially when cooking fatty foods. Raw meat on a cold stainless steel pan can lead to sticking. It also helps to heat your pan before adding oil. When your oil is shimmering, your pan is ready to go.

Our fully clad stainless steel cookware is oven safe up to 600˚F, though stainless steel begins to tarnish at 390°F (200°C). This is natural and doesn’t affect the performance of the pan.

Cleaning Your Pots and Pans

Keep It Clean

When you’re done cooking, scrub off any burnt-on bits and add a little hot water to your pan to loosen up anything that’s stuck. But always let your cookware cool completely before putting it under cold water to prevent thermal shock.

Wash in warm soapy water, rinse, and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Our stainless steel cookware is also dishwasher safe. Need something a little stronger? Baking soda is our go-to, you can boil the water with baking soda first for tough stains.