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Steel Core Enameled 1.5-Quart Saucepan with Lid | Chocolate Truffle

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This versatile saucepan is a kitchen icon in any setting. It’s perfect for mastering the mother sauces, making rice, or whipping up a quick side dish.

The key is the steel core, which we developed through generations of experimentation. Our high-grade materials ensure this pan heats quickly and evenly, which means you get serious control over your food. It heats quickly, is half the weight of cast iron, and it’s just as durable. The rich GlazeGuard enamel is more chip-resistant than traditional finishes, so it will look fantastic for years to come.

Product Features

Steel Core
Thick steel core heats quickly and evenly for remarkable performance
GlazeGuard Enamel
Durable finish on interior and exterior resists chips and stains
The handles are welded to the pan to keep the interiors clean and prevent food traps
Extra Tough
Designed to last a lifetime with proper care, Enameled Steel Core is metal utensil safe
Look After Your Meal
Cover up without losing sight of your meal with Enameled Steel Core’s durable glass lids
Built for Heat
Oven and broiler safe up to 500˚F, the Enameled Steel Core collection goes where you need it
Easy Cleanup
After a complicated meal, cleanup should be simple. That’s why these pans are dishwasher safe
On the Edge
Enameled Steel Core pouring rims make it simple to get your food from the pan to the plate like a pro
Go Everywhere
Your cookware should go where you need it, so these pans are safe for all stovetops, including induction