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Enameled Iron 1873 Dutch Oven, 7-Quart | Azure Blue

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With the 1873 Dutch Oven, you’re in total control. Crafted from our unique enameled iron, this Dutch oven is 30% lighter, thinner, and tougher than cast iron. Our enameled iron heats faster and more evenly than cast iron, which lets you dial in the perfect temperature for any meal.

This spacious 7-quart design delivers plenty of room for batch cooking, seafood boils, and family-sized portions. Plus, the gorgeous GlazeGuard finish makes this a perfect dinner party centerpiece. Built to last, the color is fused directly to the body and creates a bond that’s more chip-resistant than enameled cast iron.

Product Features

Handmade in Drensteinfurt, Germany
Crafted in the same factory we’ve used since 1873 and hand-finished by master artisans
Enameled Iron
Heats fast and evenly, plus it’s 30% lighter than the lightest premium cast iron ovens
Fused with the base material to create a bond that’s more chip-resistant than enameled cast iron
Metal Utensil Safe
Designed for daily use, our enameled iron is extra scratch- and chip-resistant
Recessed Lid
Our unique lid delivers extra room to prevent boil overs and adds a little extra space for your ingredients
Snag-Free Interior
The sturdy, welded handles eliminate food traps to make cleaning easier
Built for Daily Life
Oven safe up to 500°F, this Dutch oven is safe for all stovetops including induction. It’s even safe for outdoor cooking